stabbyvideo's Viewmodel Script/Crosshair Type Toggler Integration

Discussion in 'TF2 Discussion' started by ☢aPoc☢, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. ☢aPoc☢

    ☢aPoc☢ Unremarkable Member

    Hey, for any of you that uses Stabbystabby's viewmodel script and crosshair type with the amby I can't seem to copy and paste both and have both work when I play. It says it must be manually integrated with the viewmodel scripts to work in conjunction. How do I integrate them both? Thanks!
  2. Not A Suspicious Person

    Not A Suspicious Person Mildly Menacing Member

    The viewmodel script works great for me, but the crosshair scripts aren't doing anything.
  3. ☢aPoc☢

    ☢aPoc☢ Unremarkable Member

    Yeah same trying to find out how to integrate the two together