Most expensive item in tf2

Discussion in 'TF2 Discussion' started by JimboFliggerMuffin, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. JimboFliggerMuffin

    JimboFliggerMuffin Scarcely Lethal Member

    What IS the most expensive item in tf2, counting unusuals?
  2. cheeseboy

    cheeseboy Unremarkable Member

    Unusual level 42 Team Captain with Burning Flames. Don't even think a solid price on that is possible :x
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  3. Bootaloopa

    Bootaloopa Unremarkable Member

    V. alienswarm Parasite. Only 3 exist in tf2.
  4. ☢aPoc☢

    ☢aPoc☢ Unremarkable Member

    umm im not sure im pretty sure my friend said something about a hat that was made for Notch, the creater of Minecraft. mite be wrong about that
  5. Kingriar

    Kingriar Unremarkable Member

    That hat is made just for notch, and was given just to notch. There is only one. Although I don't think he would ever sell it, considering there is only one it would make sense that it would go for very high prices.
  6. GamesFoe

    GamesFoe Mildly Menacing Member

    top notch
  7. TheCoolestMexicanInTown

    TheCoolestMexicanInTown Scarcely Lethal Member

    NON duped Vintage big kill
  8. BloodyFlame

    BloodyFlame Mildly Menacing Member

    Level 42 Unusual Team Captain with Dark Orbiting Flames. I saw it once on TF2OP. Either that or a Vintage Max's Head.
  9. Lulz.FrostenByte

    Lulz.FrostenByte Scarcely Lethal Member

    Definatley the Top notch, only one in existance
  10. Juuuunte

    Juuuunte Unremarkable Member

    Its non tradeable and nongiftable
  11. Loving ^^

    Loving ^^ Strange Member

    Probably WOULD BE the Top Notch ;)
  12. Luxia

    Luxia Somewhat Threatening Member

    Other than unusuals and one of a kind items...


    Worth around 2.5-3 buds. Each.
  13. Creation

    Creation Scarcely Lethal Member

    I thought they're 2 buds
  14. Daikenki

    Daikenki Satirical Satirist

    Regular - Vintage Bills (they exist)
    Unusual - Burning Team Captain
  15. zoxer

    zoxer Too uncreative for this

    Isn't there a Community Sparkle Vintage Lugermorph, Vintage Max's Head, Vintage Earbuds, Vintage Bigkill
  16. Beiez

    Beiez Unremarkable Member

    All Unusauls are really expensive,but i dont know the prices.
    The most expensive non Unusual item are the Earbuds,right?
  17. Dante Daemonra

    Dante Daemonra Unremarkable Member

    Im pretty sure the top notch would be the most expensive but I think that a self-made big kill or some other community item would be the most expensive
  18. AF2 | Marty

    AF2 | Marty Strange Member

    Level 100 unusual towering pillar of hats with Vivid Plasma. I looove vivid plasma...
  19. TauNoob1

    TauNoob1 Somewhat Threatening Member

    Unusual Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Respect with sunbeams t('.'t)
  20. JimboFliggerMuffin

    JimboFliggerMuffin Scarcely Lethal Member

    Top notch doesn't really have a price though, cause notch hasn't and probably wont sell it