Can someone explain to me what a "Cancer hat" is?

Discussion in 'TF2 Discussion' started by Silentjoe2, Apr 18, 2012.



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  1. Silentjoe2

    Silentjoe2 Scarcely Lethal Member

    Title says it all.
  2. SirReal

    SirReal Mildly Menacing Member

    No idea, I just heard the term the other day. I'm guessing a highly undesirable hat?
  3. ThatIrishSOB

    ThatIrishSOB Mildly Menacing Member

    Cancer hats are generally deemed cancer from the TF2 community. For example, hats that the community in general has a dislinking towards, such as the carouser's capotain for the demoman, or the industrial festivizer for the engineer, are deemed as cancer in their unusual form. Also, hats can be called cancer, even though they aren't, if they have a low tier unusual effect. For example, if you had a whoopee cap, which is in general a low mid tier scout hat with green confetti, a low tier effect. Some people might call it cancer, because the effect is undesireable. Another reason hats can be cancer is because of the class the hat is on. Heavy hats and Sniper hats are called cancer by many, because the community in general, does not play heavy or sniper as their main class, so heavy and sniper hats are less needed, wanted, desireable, thus they are deemed cancer hats. Hopefully this helped you :D
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  4. SirReal

    SirReal Mildly Menacing Member

    Someone told me a Flamboyant Flamenco was a cancer hat... w-t-f son?!
  5. ThatIrishSOB

    ThatIrishSOB Mildly Menacing Member

    If the effect is bad he might have had a reason to, but no that is not a cancer hat xD
  6. SirReal

    SirReal Mildly Menacing Member

    It was just a regular flamenco that I was trading for 2 ref. Clean hat, nothing wrong with it, just a dumb trader trying to lowball my already low offer.
  7. Silentjoe2

    Silentjoe2 Scarcely Lethal Member

    Thanks mate!
  8. Dosu Kinuta

    Dosu Kinuta Scarcely Lethal Member

    Example Nuts n' Bolts Hard Counter
    Hard Counter = Cancer already.
    Nut n' Bolts on a non-engineer hat = Cancer (Not Big Cancer)
    So some people call N&B Hard Counter one of the gods for Cancer
    Cancer = Really Ugly/Bad. So When we have a game on Hats, that's bad...
  9. ToadMyster

    ToadMyster Mildly Menacing Member

    usually very difficult to sell, bad, maybe not so ugly, but indeed undesired hats.